Be a Legend

Be a Legend

I am often compelled to label the tendencies of Kenyan netizens as juvenile, but then, I exercise some restraint given that their wrath is meted in bounteous proportions whenever solicited for. While it’s never a dull day on our virtual spaces, with sensationalism assuming the forms of memes, graphic challenges, esteem shattering tackles, et cetera; ingenuity and rational perspectives are rather scarce on these platforms. It is always laughable though, when some absolutely clueless entities in our midst try to keep up with the trends, just for the clout, only to have some miniature details give away their ignorance.

A case in point, is the current hype around the fallen legend Kobe Bryant. By all means such a loss is quite regrettable, especially in the associated circumstances. But Kenyans have evidently blown their love for the man out of proportion, and in the ensuing frenzy it seems to have escaped us that we lost yet another icon Santu Mofokeng.

It is not surprising even, that quite a sizeable Kenyan populace is totally oblivious to Mofokeng’s legend. Santu is a South African photography journalist, who revolutionized mastery of the lens by injecting context and perspective to achieve distinct pictorial expressions. One of his remarkable maxims is “the essence is not what you see in the photographs, but what you don't see.” Over his lifetime, he effectively utilized photography to highlight concerns around human dimensions like power, environment, memories among others. I am greatly disappointed at all the photographers in my timelines that the loss of such a monumental member of your fraternity should go unnoticed.

The World is indeed at a loss with the departure of these great men. What set them apart from the rest of the pack is their genius with their respective tools of trade; and even more noteworthy is how they endeavored to positively impact humanity with the credits they had earned for themselves. You too have the capacity to build a legend around your name. Don’t let the lack of a fitting tool of trade impede your shot at greatness. Grab your ideal tool here and do what you have to do.



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Lilian Jan 29, 2020
Great piece. Keep up!
david Mar 17, 2020
Nice intel. Thank you
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