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Sandisk Ultra 16GB...

Price KSh1,200.00

Sandisk Memory Card

Price KSh949.00

Transcend 1TB External hard...

Price KSh6,999.00

Transcend 2 TB StoreJet M3

Price KSh10,500.00

Transcend 4TB External Hard...

Price KSh15,870.00

SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16GB...

Price KSh1,000.00

Samsung 32GB BAR (METAL)...

Price KSh900.00

HP 32GB Flash Disk With Clip

Price KSh990.00

Toshiba TransMemory U202...

Price KSh1,498.00

SanDisk 32GB Micro SD Card...

Price KSh1,498.00

Toshiba 32GB M203 microSDHC...

Regular price KSh2,600.00 -78% Price KSh572.00
  • -78%

Sandisk Ultra 64GB...

Price KSh2,499.00